Using Astrology To Find Your Personal Jyotirlinga Temple

Jyotirlinga for worship, your Atma Linga and general methods for propitiating planetary energies and alleviating planetary “curses” in your rasi chart.

There are three methods that I know of for finding your personal jyotirlinga:

Method 1: This involves finding the tithi for the time in which you were born. By noting which percentage of the lunar cycle is already completed, you can determine which Jyotirlinga is your personal one. I have a spreadsheet that calculates this. Please contact me privately if you would like to receive it.

Method 2: 1) find out the rasis in the Kendra from the moon.2) find out the rasis in the trikona from the arudha lagna. 3) find out the common rasi in both the above groups. 4)the jyotirlinga denoted by that rasi will be your jyotirlinga.

For example if moon is in Virgo then the kendras from Virgo will be Gemini, Sagitarius and Pisces. If the Arudha Lagna is in Libra, the trines will be Aquarius and Gemini. So the common sign will be Gemini, making Nageshwar the appropriate jyotirlinga. This method is used specifically for considering which mantra to use for your Jyotirlnga. You can find the mantras at my blog post.

Method 3: Find the 12th house from the position of the Atmakaraka in the Navamsa. Any planet found there will represent the Jyotirlinga Temple that is your Ishta Devata. To use Jyotirlingas to propititate/worship a planet, use the temple that represents the exaltation sign of that planet. For instance, if my AK is Mercury and Saturn is in the 12th, then Mahakaleshwar (Libra) will be the Jyotirlinga temple that should be worshiped. If there is no planet in 12th from AK, use any planet aspecting or the sign of the house that is 12th from AK. Some, including myself, recommend using 12th from AK in Vimsamsa.

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